Lord Chitragupta

Lord Chitragupta

Lord Chitragupta

Lord Chitragupta is a deity that is responsible with the task of keeping records of actions and deeds committed by humans on earth. Based on their actions on earth, Lord Chitragupta will have to decide for humans to either enter heaven or hell upon their death. Chitragupta is the son of Lord Brahma, The Lord of Creation.

According to a popular tale in the birth of Lord Chitragupta, when Lord Brahma gave the land of the dead towards Lord Yama, the Lord of death, Lord Yama would constantly get confused when the souls of the dead arrived to him and he would at times send the wrong souls to heaven and hell. Lord Brahma instructed Lord Yama to keep better track of the humans but Lord Yama argued that he could not possibly keep track of the innumerable amount of people within earth so he could decide to place them in heaven or hell once they are dead. In order to solve this issue, Lord Brahma decided to meditate for many thousands of years. Finally, once he opened his eyes, a man stood before him holding a pen and a paper in his hands.

Lord Chitragupta is sometimes known as the first man to use alphabets. He is known to be incredibly meticulous, and with his pen and paper he tracks down every action of every sentient life form, building up a database and record of them over the course of their life so that when they die the destination and fate of their soul can be easily decided.

Items associated with Lord Chitragupta are the paper and pen, ink, honey, betel nut, matches, mustard, sugar and sandalwood. A prayer is often performed to Chitragupta in reverence of the four virtues he is seen to embody: justice, peace, literacy, and knowledge. Part of the Chitragupta prayer also includes writing down how much money you make in your household, and how much you need to make to survive in the following year, while making offerings of turmeric, flowers, and vermilion.

MantraOṃ Shri Chitraguptaay Namaḥ


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