Superstitions in Hinduism

50 Superstitions in Hinduism

  1. -A black cat crossing your path is a bad omen.
  2. -Don’t sweep the floor after evening.
  3. -Don’t pluck flowers/leaves during after evening.
  4. -Spray some water droplets on a person who returns from a funeral.
  5. -Don’t wave your legs sitting on a chair.
  6. -Hiccups indicate someone is thinking of you.
  7. -Always donate a sum of Rs.101 instead of Rs.100 or Rs.51 instead of Rs.50. The extra rupee is supposed to bring good luck.
  8. -Menstruating women should not be allowed to enter the kitchen.
  9. -Girls should not be near the temple when they are menstruating.
  10. -Don’t throw hair strands in the house. It causes quarrel.
  11. -Don’t hand over knife/scissors to a friend. It leads to fight.
  12. -A wish made while seeing a rainbow or falling meteor is fulfilled.
  13. -Broken idols or out of order clocks in your house bring bad luck.
  14. -Sleeping with a scissor under your pillow wards off nightmares.
  15. -Never cross or jump across the broken pumpkins or coconuts on the road.
  16. -Your entire life and its due course are decided by the time and place of your birth.
  17. -Never ask the question “Where are you going?” while someone is leaving the house. Its purpose will not be fulfilled.
  18. -If you are about to travel or do something important and someone sneezes it’s a bad omen.
  19. -Never use your left hand to handle anything, most probably money or food.
  20. -Twitching of the right eye is good for Men, whereas twitching of the left eye is good for Women.
  21. -If a crow calls on your house it is a sign of visiting relatives.
  22. -Fasting will fulfill your desires.
  23. -Number 13 is considered to be an evil number. That’s why many Indian high-rise buildings have no 13th floor or flat number 13.
  24. -It is bad omen to step into ones new house left leg first.
  25. -Women should let their husbands eat first, serve him and then eat.
  26. -It is a sin to eat meat on certain days.
  27. -If you sin in this life time, in your next birth you will be born as a pig, dog or a cat.
  28. -Everyone gets 7 births. Your next is based on the good deeds done by you in this birth.
  29. -Something or the other is always responsible for our losses and failures. It’s either the stars or bad deeds in the past.
  30. -If kumkum (Vermilion powder) gets spilled, it will bring bad luck.
  31. -Kundali (natal chart) is a way to check the compatibility of future couples.
  32. -Bathing in River Ganga in India washes your past sins.
  33. -Offering bribes to God will fast track your prayers.
  34. -Wearing black/yellow/red/orange thread on your right wrist brings good luck.
  35. -Crushing lemons by the wheels of your new vehicle will avoid any future accidents.
  36. -The preservation of family honor solely depends on the actions of the girls in the family.
  37. -Repeatedly yawning indicates that someone is thinking about you.
  38. -Lifting weights and demanding physical activity are reserved for the poor and the jobless.
  39. -Sneezing once when you make a statement indicates that what you said is true.
  40. -If a lizard makes a sound when you make a statement, it indicates that what you said is true.
  41. -If right palm itches (left for females), it will bring you money or favors.
  42. -Taking a teaspoon of curd with little sugar before exam will bring good luck.
  43. -To see a peacock before a journey is considered auspicious.
  44. -Widows are considered inauspicious in many parts of India.
  45. -Saturdays are considered very inauspicious, as it is associated with the god Shani (Saturn).
  46. -It is believed that looking in a broken mirror may bring bad luck.
  47. -Peepul trees are believed to be the abode of ghosts and they are avoided at night. Banyan trees are also believed to be inhabited by malevolent spirits.
  48. -Spirit possessions are also reported frequently in India. Exorcisms may be used to ward off the spirit.
  49. -Belief in witches is common in some parts of India. Witches are believed to capable of killing cattle and humans, destroying crops and causing illness. Witch-hunts have been known to happen.
  50. -It is believed that masturbation may cause health problems including impotence.

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