The Yugas

The Yugas are Hinduism’s cycles or ages of the world. Each Yuga lasts for thousands even millions of years. The Yugas decline in length through the cycle, reflecting the decline in righteousness.

  1. The Krita Yuga, lasting 1,728,000 human years, was the golden age, when there were no gods, demons or diseases and when human beings were saints.
  2. The Treta Yuga lasted 1,296,000 years and was the age when sacrifices began and people became less virtuous.
  3. The Dwapara Yuga was a decadent age, lasting 864,000 years, when virtue lessened even more and desire, disease and disasters entered the world.
  4. The Kali Yuga, 432,000 years long, is the degenerate age, when only a quarter of virtue remains and people have sunk into wickedness. The Kali Yuga is the age in which we are currently living.

More than four million human years make up a Maha Yuga, or great age, and one Maha Yuga equals a day and a night in the life of Brahma. Each Maha Yuga is preceded and followed by periods of twilight, which last a tenth of the length of a Maha Yuga. During this time, Brahma sleeps.


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