108 Different Names of Lord Shiva and what they mean….

1. SHIVA- the Auspicious One

2. MAHESHVARA- the Great God

3. SHAMBHAV- the God who exists for our happiness alone

4. PINAKINE- guardian of the path of Dharma

5. SHASHISHEKHARA- the God who wears the crescent moon in his hair

6. VAMADEVA- the God who is pleasing and auspicious in every way

7. VIRUPAKSHA- the God of spotless form

8. KAPARDIN- the Lord with thickly matted hair

9. NILALOHITA- the God splendid as the red sun at daybreak

10. SHANKARA- the source of all prosperity

11. SHULAPANA- the God who carries a spear

12. KHATVANGINE- the God who carries a knurled club

13. VISHNUVALLABHA- who is dear to Lord Vishnu

14. SHIPIVISHTAYA- the Lord whose form emits great rays of light

15. AMBIKANATHA- Ambika’s Lord

16. SHRIKANTA- he whose throat is shining blue

17. BHAKTAVATSALA- the Lord who loves His devotees like new born calves

18. BHAVA- the God who is existence itself

19. SARVA- whom is all

20. TRILOKESHA- who is the Lord of all the three worlds

21. SHITAKANTHA- the primal soul whose throat is deep blue

22. SHIVAPRIYA- the god who is dear to Shakti

23. UGRAYA- whose presence is awesome and overwhelming

24. KAPALINE- the God whose begging bowl is a human skull

25. KAMARAYE- who conquers all passions

26. ANDHAKASURA SUDANA- the Lord who killed the asura Andhaka

27. GANGADHARA- the God who holds the Ganges River in his hair

28. LALATAKSHA- the Lord whose sport is creation

29. KALAKALA- who is the death of death

30. KRIPANIDHA- the God who is the treasure of compassion

31. BHIMA- whose strength is awesome

32. PARASHU HASTAYA- the God who wields an axe in his hands

33. MRIGAPANAYA- the Lord who looks after the soul in the wilderness

34. JATADHARA- who bears a mass of matted hair

35. KAILASAVASINE- the God who abides on Mount Kailas

36. KAVACHIN- the Lord who is wrapped in armor

37. KATHORA- who causes all growth

38. TRIPURANTAKA- the Lord who destroyed the three demonic cities

39. VRISHANKA- the God whose emblem is a bull (Nandi)

40. VRISHABHARUDHAYA- who rides a bull

41. BHASMODDHULITA VIGRAHA- the Lord covered with holy ash

42. SAMAPRIYA- the God exceedingly fond of hymns from the Sama Veda

43. SVARAMAYA- who creates through sound

44. TRAYIMURTA- the Lord who is worshiped in three forms

45. ANISHVARA- the undisputed Lord

46. SARVAGYA- the God who knows all things

47. PARAMATMAN- the Supreme Self

48. SOMASURAGNI LOCHANA- the light of the eyes of Soma, Surya and Agni

49. HAVISH- who receives oblations of ghee

50. YAGYAMAYA- the architect of all sacrificial rites

51. SOMAYA- the Moon-glow of the mystic’s vision

52. PANCHAVAKTRAYA- the God of the five activities

53. SADASHIVA- the eternally auspicious benevolent Shiva

54. VISHVESHVARA- the all-pervading ruler of the cosmos

55. VIRABHADRA- the foremost of heroes

56. GANANATHA- the God of the Ganas

57. PRAJAPATA- Salutations to the Creator

58. HIRANYARETAS- the God who emanates golden souls

59. DURDHARSHA- the unconquerable being

60. GIRISHA- the monarch of the holy mountain Kailas

61. GIRISHAYA- the Lord of the Himalayas

62. ANAGHA- who can inspire no fear

63. BUJANGABHUSHANA- the Lord adorned with golden snakes

64. BHARGA- the foremost of rishis

65. GIRIDHANVAN- the God whose weapon is a mountain

66. GIRIPRIYA- the Lord who is fond of mountains

67. KRITTIVASA- the God who wears clothes of hide

68. PURARATA- the Lord who is thoroughly at home in the wilderness

69. BHAGAVATE- the Lord of prosperity

70. PRAMATHADHIPA- the God who is served by goblins

71. MRITUNJAYA- the conqueror of death

72. SUKSHMATANAVE- the subtlest of the subtle

73. JAGADVYAPIN- who fills the whole world

74. JAGADGURAVE- the guru of all the worlds

75. VYOMAKESHA- the God whose hair is the spreading sky above

76. MAHASENAJANAKA- the origin of Mahasena

77. CHARUVIKRAMA- the guardian of wandering pilgrims

78. RUDRAYA- the Lord who is fit to be praised

79. BHUTAPATA- the source of living creatures, including the Bhutas, or ghostly creatures

80. STHANAV- the firm and immovable deity

81. AHIRBUDHNYAYA- the Lord who waits for the sleeping kundalini

82. DIGAMBARA- whose robes is the cosmos

83. ASHTAMURTA- the Lord who has eight forms

84. ANEKATMAN- the God who is the one soul

85. SATVIKA- the Lord of boundless energy

86. SHUDDHA VIGRAHA- him who is free of all doubt and dissension

87. SHASHVATA- endless and eternal

88. KHANDAPARASHAV- the God who cuts through the mind’s despair

89. AJAYA- the instigator of all that occurs

90. PAPAVIMOCHAKA- the Lord who releases all fetters

91. MRIDAYA- the Lord who shows only mercy

92. PASHUPATA- the ruler of all evolving souls, the animals

93. DEVA- the foremost of devas, demigods

94. MAHADEVA- the greatest of the gods

95. AVYAYA- the one never subject to change

96. HARAYE- who dissolves all bondage

97. PASHUDANTABHIDE- the one who punished Pushan

98. AVYAGRA- the Lord who is steady and unwavering

99. DAKSHADHVARAHARA- the destroyer of Daksha’s conceited sacrifice

100. HARA- the Lord who withdraws the cosmos

101. BHAGANETRABHIDE- who taught Bhaga to see more clearly

102. AVYAKTA- who is subtle and unseen

103. SAHASRAKSHA- the Lord of limitless forms

104. SAHASRAPADE- the God who is standing and walking everywhere

105. APAVARGAPRADA- the Lord who gives and takes all things

106. ANANTA- the God who is unending

107. TARAKA- the great liberator of mankind

108. PARAMESHVARA- the great God

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva


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