The most obvious misconception about Hinduism is that we tend to see it as a religious faith. To be precise, Hinduism is a way of life, a dharma. Dharma does not mean religion; it is the law that governs all action. Hinduism was not founded by one person, it does not have a core doctrine, there is no central authority, it does not require followers to accept any one idea, and no one can agree on when or even where it began.

The word Hinduism itself is not to be found in any of the scriptures. It was named after the people of Sindh, who settled between the rivers Indus and Sindh in what is now Pakistan. The Persians named people of Sindh “Hindus.” Hinduism is essentially a conglomeration of diverse religious, philosophical, and cultural ideas, beliefs and traditions. It is characterized by the belief in reincarnation, one absolute being, the law of Karma, a path of righteousness and liberation from the cycle of births and deaths.

Way of life

Way of life


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