Fight of the Three Goddesses and Sage Narada

Unlike other sages of Hindu mythology, sage Narada was a jovial man who had the ability to travel between earth and heaven. The specialty of sage Narada is to appear uninvited in a place where there is a conflict between two Gods or people, trick them to believe that both were right, then stir up trouble and cause more confusion. Although his tricks looked like troublemaking, things always ended up well with those involved in the conflict.

Here is but one example of how sage Narada’s trick went well for all – despite or because of his involvement.

Once sage Narada heard Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Wisdom), Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) and Goddess Parvati (Goddess of Strength) boasting about themselves to their husbands each saying that they were the greatest among the three.

So Narada went to each one of them and told them that how the other two were thinking that they were the greatest. The three Goddesses got angry to hear what sage Narada said and each attempted to prove herself better than the others.

Goddess Saraswati picked one of her devotees who was dumb and blessed him with speech and knowledge. Goddess Lakshmi picked up a poor girl and made her a wealthy queen. Goddess Parvati picked up a coward and made him the strongest and bravest man on earth. These three devotees of the Goddesses fought among themselves, trying to outdo and dominate each other.

Finally, the conflict worsened until they wanted to kill each other. At that point, the husbands of the Goddesses, Lord Brahma (God of Creation), Lord Vishnu (God of Protection) and Lord Shiva (God of Destruction) interfered and told the Goddesses to stop their drama this very instant or things would turn fatal.

Abiding to their husband’s words, the Goddesses do as told and stop the quarrel. When sage Narada showed up and said that all three Goddesses were the greatest, but if they continued fighting among themselves there would be no peace in heaven or on earth. The Goddesses thanked sage Narada for helping them understand the truth – that unity is strength – so they agreed that they would stay united forever. This was a great relief for their husbands!

Narada the Sage

Narada the Sage


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